Wind turbines in Denmark samples the state information regarding the planning process, regulation and legislation related to wind turbines. It’s a collaborative between the state departments involved in the planning process of wind turbines in Denmark.

Wind turbines in Denmark

Planning for wind turbines

In Denmark the municipalities are in charge of the planning process of onshore wind turbines and the Danish Energy State Agency are in charge of the off shore wind turbines. is targeted the municipalities, the citizens as well as the wind turbine development companies.


The following state departments contribute to the site; The Danish Environmental Protection Agency, The Danish Business Authority and The Danish Energy Agency.


Danish Environmental Protection Agency


The Danish Environmental Protection Agency under the Ministry of Environment manages the legislation regarding wind turbine noise. For information regarding high and low frequency noises from wind turbines and the regulation on wind turbine noises.


Danish Business Authority 


The Danish Business Authority under the Ministry of Business and Growth manages the legislation on planning activities.


A Wind Turbine Task Force within the Danish Nature Agency assists the municipalities in the local planning process of wind turbines. Providing guidance and practical assistance in wind turbine planning; interpreting relevant national legislation and participating in citizen and stakeholder meetings. The Wind Turbine Task Forces points to citizen involvement taking up an increasingly important part of the planning process. Read more in the following article - Bringing the neighbours on board.  


Danish Energy Agency


The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) is responsible for the complete chain of tasks related to production, supply and consumption of energy as well as transport and buildings. The DEA strives for enhancing energy efficiency and savings with an aim of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. The DEA is the authority responsible for offshore wind farms, both tenders and open door. Both offshore and onshore, the Danish Energy Agency is responsible for the four schemes on promotion renewable energy act, PSO, Technical certification Scheme, licenses linked to the establishment of offshore wind power projects.


Energy Policy Toolkit on Physical Planning of Wind Power - Experiences from Denmark (2015) provides technical and concrete information on Danish experiences and lessons learned on tools and measures in promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency.


Facts about Wind Power

A website with information about the wind turbine industry and history in Denmark, maintained by the Danish Energy Agency.


Ongoing Offshore Wind Tenders

Information about the public tenders for offshore wind tenders currently being planned or advertised in Denmark.


Procedures and Permits for Offshore Wind Parks

Information about the establishment of offshore wind turbines, following either a public tender or an open-door-procedure. is the national transmission system operator. A non-profit enterprise under the Danish Climate and Energy Ministry, maintaining the national grid along with the security of electricity supply short- and long-termed. distributes the state financial support offered to support wind turbines.


Danish Nature Agency


The Danish Nature Agency under the Ministry of Environment manages the legislation regarding Nature and Landscape concerns in connection with onshore wind turbines.



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